Corby’s strategy is designed to maximize sustainable long-term value growth and deliver enhanced margin quality and profit, while continuing to produce strong and consistent cash flows from operating activities.

Our starting point is our shared purpose:

Develop passion brands to beat the market

Corby has been stirring passion for great brands for more than 160 years. Brand building is a core competency and a daily commitment. In recent years, it has helped us rejuvenate the J.P. Wiser’s Canadian whisky brand, ignite newly acquired brands like Ungava gin and Cabot Trail cream liqueur, and maintain the momentum of iconic brands like Absolut vodka and Jameson Irish whiskey.

J.P. Wiser’s goes upscale

The introduction of a new bottle design in 2020 capped off several years of a packaging evolution aimed at elevating the J.P. Wiser’s brand and improving its shelf impact.

2018 J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe

Drive value ahead of volume

We’ve been reorienting our product portfolio toward higher-end brands like our premium Canadian whiskies and Ungava gin. Sales and marketing resources are strategically allocated to the brands that drive the most value for shareholders.

Innovate on brands and process

Innovation is a key growth lever in our industry, which we deliver through a structured evaluation process powered by consumer insight and ongoing research and development.

Seriously good cocktails

Innovations like J.P. Wiser’s ready-to-serve Old Fashioned and Manhattan whisky cocktails make cocktailing at home easier and better than ever for Canadians.

Accelerate exports

International markets offer an additional value opportunity. While our current footprint is small, we have concrete plans to grow it for the future. Having rationalized our route to market in select countries, we are bringing a test-and-learn mindset with efforts targeted at key brand and market combinations and a belief that a focus on the United States for our whiskies offers the surest route to success.

Success across the pond

A funky packaging refresh helped return Lamb’s Spiced rum to growth in the UK.

Realize business efficiencies

Our focus on continuous improvement includes investing in new tools and processes for increased efficiency and improved decision-making based on data. With revenue growth management a lever to help us drive value ahead of volume, our promotional management tool enables us to measure the efficiency of our promotional spend and determine which promotions may provide the best return on investment.

Underpinning our strategy is a steadfast commitment to sustainability and responsibility

Corby is an advocate of social and environmental responsibility, especially with respect to our sales and promotional activities. Two regular company events are Responsib’All Day, in which our employees spend a day volunteering in their community, and #CorbySafeRides, which pays transit fares for Torontonians on New Year’s Eve. Stepping up to help people and communities in need during the COVID-19 crisis was a natural extension of our values.