Around the Meal

Meals enjoyed with family and friends are a special time for sharing and conviviality; a fundamental part of our culture, relationships and well-being. Eating together is about coming together, about belonging. Wine and spirits can enhance the occasion, with wine a staple at many a dinner table.

Foreign Affair Dream bottle

Making great food and great times even better with the right wines and spirits to accompany them.

Wines for every palate

Corby’s extensive portfolio of wines includes those from our own Foreign Affair Winery in Ontario, and well-known represented wines belonging to Pernod Ricard and The Wine Group.

The Foreign Affair Winery offers wine lovers big, bold red wines and elegant white wines handcrafted in the Italian appassimento technique for winemaking. Virtual tastings and new product introductions hosted by our winemaker and our sommelier during the pandemic have been extremely popular, creating unique educational and interactive experiences for the winery’s 550+ wine club members and the general public. These events, coupled with strong social media, led to robust online sales in fiscal 2021.

Watching what we drink

Consumers’ growing concerns about health, wellness and the environment are showing up in their wine selections as much as they are in other aspects of their lives. They’re looking for more low-alcohol, low-sugar and low-calorie products, and thinking about the green credentials of the wines they drink. Our portfolio of represented wines reflects this trend.

Stoneleigh wines from New Zealand are among the best-selling wines in the Canadian grocery channel, with Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc leading the way. Stoneleigh is a strong advocate of minimal intervention winemaking and we introduced its most natural expression of minimal intervention wine, Stoneleigh Wild Valley Rosé, in fiscal 2021. Grown in the Rapaura vineyards, the grapes are wild fermented with naturally occurring yeast to capture all the character untamed nature has to offer.

We also launched Stoneleigh Lighter, a crisp, vibrant wine that is naturally lower (25% less) in alcohol.

Jacob’s Creek Moscato Lower Sugar is similarly geared to the health-conscious consumer – particularly millennial wine lovers who want to reduce their alcohol consumption while still enjoying great-tasting, quality wine. Moscato Lower Sugar is packed with inviting aromas and flavours of citrus and pear, along with floral notes.

Just ahead of summer 2021, we launched Cupcake LightHearted Chardonnay, a lower-calorie and lower-alcohol California wine from The Wine Group. With just 100 calories, 8% ABV and less than 1 g of sugar per 6 oz. serving, Cupcake LightHearted is perfect as a refreshing summer drink to enjoy on a patio with friends.

Local spirits, natural goodness

Local spirits – such as Ungava gin and Cabot Trail cream liqueur (Coureur des Bois in Québec) which are produced at our Cowansville, Québec, distillery – are perfect complements to a sumptuous meal.

Crafted with Arctic botanicals from northern Québec, Ungava gin makes any cocktail uniquely wild. The rare botanicals are hand-foraged, dried and then slowly steeped for five weeks for a natural extraction of complex flavour and colour. The result is a gin unlike any other – a reward for the senses with its exceptionally smooth taste, signature yellow colour and 100% natural ingredients.

A pioneer in the Québec gin market, Ungava celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021 with a new look that celebrates its natural Arctic botanicals and origins. It launched two innovations in the summer of 2021: Ungava Ginger, which taps into the plant-based flavour trend, and Ungava Gin & Tonic RTD for the ultimate in convenience.

Cabot Trail marries the richness of pure Canadian maple syrup with fresh cream and a special blend of a grain-based alcohol and rum. Enjoyed on ice, in cocktails or with coffee, it has helped take the bite out of being stuck at home during the pandemic – especially for Canadians living in parts of BC and Ontario who were lucky enough to receive at-home samples. One has only to taste it to love it – and we see this in its growing sales numbers.

“Québec gins have soared in popularity, and it’s a privilege for Ungava gin to have been one of the pioneers of this type of local spirits.”

2021 performance

Foreign Affair wines bottle

Foreign Affair wines

Despite the pandemic affecting onsite retail store traffic, our winery was able to move sales through its e-commerce platform.

Jacob’s Creek wines bottle

Jacob’s Creek wines

Jacob’s Creek wines enjoyed strong performance driven by the Moscato subrange, which showcases the sweet flavours and aromas of fresh summer fruit.

Stoneleigh wines bottle

Stoneleigh wines

New Zealand was the fastest growing premium wine origin globally and, in Canada, Stoneleigh wines significantly outperformed the category.

Ungava Spirits brands bottle

Ungava Spirits brands

Growth was driven by the strong performance of Cabot Trail maple-based liqueur, which benefited from increased at-home consumption of coffee and cream liqueurs.