Cocktail Time

With the pandemic keeping people at home, many found new hobbies and outlets for their creativity in cocktail making. Others enjoyed trying cocktails-to-go from their local restaurant or pre-mixed whisky cocktails like J.P. Wiser’s Manhattan and Old Fashioned.

McGuinness bottle

We believe these budding mixologists will want to share their creations post-pandemic or, dare we say, show off their skills. They’ll likely upgrade their home bars with premium spirits and experiment more – on their own or with drinks created by their local bartender.

Elevating the at-home drink experience

As consumers try their hand at making new and classic cocktails, they’ve been turning to McGuinness and Meaghers mixable liqueurs to kick up the flavour, colour and aroma. Favourites like McGuiness Blue Curaçao, McGuinness Triple Sec and McGuinness Cherry Whisky add flair to any drink creation or soirée. Meaghers Triple Sec is an orange liqueur used in so many cocktails that it would be unthinkable to not keep a bottle as part of a mixologist’s home bar. With plant-based flavours all the rage, we launched McGuiness Elderflower liqueur for those looking to sweeten their gin and tonics or spritzes over the summer months.

On a hot summer day, Malibu coconut rum liqueur is the perfect accompaniment for casual occasions with friends. As a key ingredient in pina coladas, mojitos and many more rum-based cocktails, Malibu has been the go-to spirit for many an at-home cocktail connoisseur over the past months – as evidenced by its double-digit growth across all Canadian provinces. Capitalizing on the momentum, we’ll be launching ready-to-drink Malibu cocktails in the new fiscal year.

Corby liqueurs are starring in many a mixologist's latest cocktail creations.

“With coffee consumption on the rise in Canada, a lower ABV proposition at 16%, and a new bottle design, Kahlúa is poised for continued growth as we enter the “new normal” post-pandemic.”

Coffee goes cocktails

Canadians love their coffee, on its own and mixed with other drinks. Not even a pandemic could stop them from getting their caffeine fix. The coffee and cream liqueur category has taken off in the past year and sales of Kahlúa, the world’s leading coffee liqueur brand, have risen with it.

Used in iconic – and trending – cocktails, like the espresso martini, Kahlúa helps turn the average brunch, lunch or evening drink into the extraordinary. A new pack, introduced to the Canadian market in 2021, dials up Kahlúa’s coffee and craft credentials.

Class of its own

Absolut vodka has a strong distinction as the perfect spirit to help consumers embrace at-home mixology through easy-to-recreate cocktailing and pre-mixed RTD cocktail choices. But it’s also a favourite at bars and restaurants. As on-premise partners prepare for their post-pandemic reopenings, our team has been working with them to co-create experiences and programming that elevate cocktail occasions even further, support our partners as they rebound, and encourage consumers in their return to this channel.

We’ve also rolled out new on-trend innovations. Absolut Watermelon brings consumers watermelon sweetness with zero added sugar. It’s an easy-to-mix must have, perfect for backyard parties or front porch chilling.

With the launch of Absolut Mango Mule, a delicious RTD cocktail, we aim to capitalize on the opportunity to deliver quality cocktails and classic mixed drinks in the convenient formats that consumers are looking for, and to lean in to the movement toward lower-alcohol beverages.

“Absolut is an authentic brand with true values that keeps the consumer at the heart of everything it does. Of course, it helps that it also has a range of delicious products that are at the heart of most people’s favourite cocktails.”

2021 performance

Mixable liqueurs bottle

Mixable liqueurs

Our portfolio of mixable liqueur brands benefited from the at-home cocktailing trend, gaining 2% in retail volume and 3% in retail value compared to 2020.

Absolut Vodka bottle

Absolut vodka

Absolut broke through the 600,000 9L case threshold in Canada and extracted significant growth in key consumer metrics.