We believe that strong corporate governance is critical to Corby’s continued and long-term success; it fosters responsible decision-making and accountability within our organization and helps to maximize shareholder value over time.

Elected by Corby’s shareholders, the Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the business and affairs of our company. Governance policies and practices are consistent with our values and intended to align with the recommendations contained in National Policy 58-201: Corporate Governance Guidelines and National Instrument 58-101: Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices.

Our Code of Business Conduct (the Code) sets out the principles and rules that guide our decisions and actions. The Code is designed to help each of us comply with applicable laws, regulations and company policies and maintain the highest standard of ethical conduct. It covers topics such as anti-bribery, competition, anti-money laundering, insider trading, conflicts of interest, data protection, digital and social media use, brand security, trade sanctions and conducting our business with integrity.

All directors, officers and employees must also certify annually that they have read and understand the Code.