Brand Performance

Strong retail performance for key brands such as J.P. Wiser's whisky, McGuinness liqueurs and Ungava Spirits helped offset declines among on-premise skewing brands.

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Canadian whisky

JP Wiser’s Deluxe bottle

J.P. Wiser’s

Excluding Special Blend, retail volumes of J.P. Wiser’s grew 3% and retail value was up 5% compared to 2020, outpacing the Canadian whisky category on both counts. J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe was the highest value contributor for the brand, and our pre-mixed cocktail portfolio delivered incremental gains. Shipment volumes to the US rose 16% compared to 2020.

594K 9L cases shipped
(excludes Special Blend by Wiser’s and includes export)
+4% compared to 2020
Lot 40 Dark Oak bottle

Craft whiskies

Premium offerings such as Lot No. 40, Pike Creek, and Gooderham & Worts (collectively known as the Northern Border Collection) grew 2% in retail volume but declined by 1% in retail value compared to 2020.

As an on-premise skewing brand, our flagship craft whisky, Lot No. 40, was challenged by restaurant and bar closures. However, there was some growth in the retail channel as consumers took this bartender favourite into their homes. Lot No. 40 Dark Oak was named the World’s Best Rye at the 2021 World Whiskies Award.

19K 9L cases shipped
(includes export)
-20% compared to 2020

Owned spirits

Polar Ice Vokda bottle

Polar Ice vodka

A favourite in the on-premise channel, Polar Ice was significantly affected by ongoing COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions and on-premise closures. Retail volume declined by 9% and retail value decreased by 8% compared to 2020. We did, however, use the time to revisit the brand’s positioning and set it up for success in fiscal 2022 and beyond.

Polar Ice vodka continued to show that it can compete favourably against global vodka brands, winning Gold, a Consumer Choice Award and an Innovation Award at the 2021 SIP Awards international spirits competition.

337K 9L cases shipped
-5% compared to 2020
Lamb’s rum bottle

Lamb’s rum

Lamb’s rum suffered as a result of COVID-19 pandemic related on-premise restrictions, declining 7% in retail volume and 5% in retail value compared to 2020.

There was, however, continued growth in Lamb’s UK performance, thanks to the relisting of the 1L Lamb’s Navy variant on supermarket shelves and the relaunch of Lamb’s Spiced in vibrant new packaging in the year prior.

449K 9L cases shipped
(including exports)
+8% compared to 2020
McGuinness Butterscotch bottle

Mixable liqueurs

Our portfolio of mixable liqueur brands (including McGuinness and Meaghers products) benefited from the at-home cocktailing trend, gaining 2% in retail volume and 3% in retail value compared to 2020. Performance was led by our core SKUs: Meaghers Triple Sec, McGuinness Blue Curaçao, McGuinness Triple Sec and McGuinness Cherry Whisky.

158K 9L cases shipped
+6% compared to 2020
Ungava Spirits bottle

Ungava Spirits Brands

Retail volume of Ungava Spirits Brands increased by 1% compared to 2020 and retail value rose by 3%, driven by the strong performance of Cabot Trail maple-based liqueur (in Québec, Coureur des Bois), which benefited from increased at-home consumption of coffee and cream liqueurs during the pandemic and successful recruitment through direct-to-home sampling campaigns and a first-ever out-of-home media campaign in Ontario.

The flagship brand, Ungava gin, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a new bottle showcasing its Québec roots. However, the brand declined 14% in retail volume and 12% in retail value compared to 2020, largely due to on-premise closures and the proliferation of new gins from Québec distilleries. To regain momentum, Ungava Ginger and Ungava Gin & Tonic RTD launched in Québec in early fiscal 2022.

150K 9L cases shipped
(all Ungava Spirits Brands including export)
+5% compared to 2020

Represented spirits

Absolut vodka bottle

Absolut vodka

Absolut enjoyed a strong year, breaking through the 600,000 9L case threshold in Canada and extracting significant growth in key consumer metrics. With the launch of RTD products such as Absolut Mango Mule, we entered new categories, broadening our portfolio and ensuring that we could answer consumer needs in more ways than ever before.

680K 9L cases shipped
+3% compared to 2020
Jameson Irish whiskey bottle

Jameson Irish whiskey

With the pandemic closing the restaurants and bars where Jameson has traditionally excelled, we shifted our focus to retail to ensure continued strong growth. The big story of the year was the launch of Jameson Cold Brew, which expanded Jameson into new occasions and helped recruit new consumers.

295K 9L cases shipped
-4% compared to 2020
The Glenlivet bottle

The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet claimed the spot as #1 single malt Scotch whisky in Canada in both retail value and volume in fiscal 2021, driven by a successful recruitment strategy that challenged conventions to open up the single malt Scotch category. The brand also brought exciting news to the category with the introduction of The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve at the end of the fiscal year.

87K 9L cases shipped
+21% compared to 2020


Foreign Affair wines bottle

Foreign Affair

Despite the pandemic affecting its consumer tasting activities, walk-in customer and onsite retail store traffic (where most of its sales take place), our Foreign Affair Winery was able to move sales through its e-commerce platform – to the extent that total shipments grew 12% compared to 2020. Performance was buoyed by strong social media, virtual tastings and new product introductions.

8K 9L cases shipped
+12% compared to 2020
Jacob’s Creek bottle

Jacob’s Creek

Jacob’s Creek wines enjoyed strong performance driven by the Moscato subrange, which showcases the sweet flavours and aromas of fresh summer fruit. The brand saw accelerated growth in the first months of the pandemic as a result of pantry loading, which continued throughout the summer. A highly effective Re:Connect with what matters campaign helped keep up the momentum during the fall.

At the end of the fiscal year, we started to see an uptick in the super-premium and fine wine categories, which will play a key role in Jacob’s Creek’s innovation pipeline going forward.

691K 9L cases shipped
+9% compared to 2020
Stoneleigh bottle


New Zealand was the fastest growing premium wine origin globally, and in Canada, Stoneleigh wines significantly outperformed the category. The brand continues to be a favourite in the grocery channel, growing at more than 200% and boasting the top-selling Sauvignon Blanc. A Vibrant by Nature marketing campaign and innovations such as Stoneleigh Lighter and Wild Valley Rosé were closely aligned with consumer health and well-being and sustainability trends.

153K 9L cases shipped
+9% compared to 2020
Campo Viejo bottle

Campo Viejo

The Campo Hour marketing campaign encouraged consumers to reserve an hour each day to live their lives uncorked with the help of curated Campo Hour kits offered to Toronto area customers through delivery apps. However, the brand declined 5% in shipments compared to 2020, largely due to global supply chain challenges.

78K 9L cases shipped
-5% compared to 2020