Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation enables us to connect more effectively with consumers and improve sales and marketing efficiency.

Absolut Pear bottle

A digital presence gives us the ability to educate consumers about how our products can be consumed, giving them a personal, social and interactive experience.

Consumers flocked to online ordering options during the pandemic. Now that they’ve come to appreciate its convenience, the demand for e-commerce in the beverage alcohol industry is climbing. We’ll look to capitalize on the many advantages e-commerce offers, including the ability to educate consumers about how our products can be consumed and to give them personal, social and interactive experiences.

We’re also leveraging data to better understand consumer needs and behaviours, guide our decision-making and investments, and strengthen our customer and consumer relationships.

2021 highlights

Reinforced our e-commerce team to strengthen our own direct-to-consumer platforms and partner with customers on their consumer websites.

Exploited our promotions and revenue growth management capabilities to drive increased efficiencies and effectiveness, leveraging the power of data to create competitive advantage.