Export represents about 12% of our sales volumes and presents a clear growth opportunity for Corby. We’re implementing a multi-year plan that prioritizes growing Lamb’s rum in the UK and J.P. Wiser’s whisky in the US.

Lamb’s Spiced Rum bottom

Some of our biggest brands are making a name for themselves on the global stage.

Lamb’s is our largest export brand. Through an agreement with Pernod Ricard UK Limited, which gives it the exclusive right to represent Lamb’s in Great Britain, we’ve posted strong gains over the past couple of years.

In the US, Canadian whisky is the #1 imported whisky category and we see tremendous opportunity for J.P. Wiser’s. We manufacture our products in Canada and ship them to third-party US distributors.

2021 highlights

Lamb’s rum experienced strong growth in the UK, driven by the increased momentum of Lamb’s Spiced and the rebounding performance of Lamb’s Navy, which led the brand to become the third-best-selling rum in the UK.

J.P. Wiser’s has gone from strength to strength in the US, with solid sales performance in key states such as Texas and Michigan where we ran a media-to-shelf marketing campaign with our new Hold It High brand platform.