Innovation is an important growth driver as today’s consumers seek out novelty and new experiences. Innovation can take the form of new products – including new-to-world products and range extensions or limited editions that expand a brand’s footprint to different consumers and occasions – as well as new formats and packaging.

McGuinness Elderflower bottle

Consumer trends shaping our latest innovations include the rise in at-home consumption and experimentation.

We deliver innovation through a structured process that’s powered by deep consumer insights and ongoing research and development. We also have the ability to incorporate new brands that fit our needs through mergers and acquisitions.

Consumer trends shaping our latest innovations include the rise in at-home consumption and experimentation; the desire for convenience, with pre-mixed, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails and online and grocery sales; premiumization in the market; the health and wellness movement driving interest in no- and low-alcohol drinks; and strong support for local and craft brands.

Within the dynamic RTD category, the RTD cocktail/long drink segment is soaring, driven by the on-premise pivot to cocktails-to-go during the pandemic and more at-home consumption and outdoor socializing. We see this space as an opportunity to deliver quality cocktails and classic mixed drinks in convenient formats, using real ingredients for the base spirit.

2021 highlights

Tapping into consumer trends, we launched a long list of innovations, including:

Lot No. 40 Dark Oak
J.P. Wiser’s exclusives like J.P. Wiser’s Red Letter Distillery Edition whisky
Ungava Ginger and Ungava Gin & Tonic RTD
Ungava Chic Choc Dark rum
McGuinness Elderflower
Jameson Cold Brew
Absolut Watermelon and Absolut Mango Mule RTD
Stoneleigh Wild Valley Rosé and Stoneleigh Lighter
Jacob’s Creek Moscato Lower Sugar
The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve
Havana Club Cuban Smoky
Packaging redesigns for Kahlúa, Ungava gin and Cabot Trail